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  • Thank you, Barton. All your articles easy to read, requires time to reflect and full of wonderful sense of humor

  • Thank you! 🙂

  • You’re making a real difference here Bartosz. I appreciate the time you take out your day to help me & others realize how much potential we truly have if we use the most efficient tools & knowledge. I’m always searching the Internet for people such as yourself who know that, we as humans are capable of surmounting extraordinary challenges if we put our heart into our day to day activities. So many of us put ourselves down before even attempting or soon after attempting because we’ve never done the activity we’re interested in, so by default we assume that we can’t. But it takes time, hard work & dedication which is what we all must realize. Thank you, Bartosz. 🙂

  • Those information are so interesting.
    Thank you.

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