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Church Slavonic – is the conservative Slavic liturgical language used by the Orthodox Church in Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine. The language also occasionally appears in the services of the Orthodox Church in America and the Czech and Slovak lands. It was also used by the Romanians until the 16th century, as well as by Roman Catholic Croatians in the early Middle Ages. 

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Church Slavonic Grammar and Pronunciation

  • University Of Texas - Old Church-Slavonic Lessons
  • University Of Texas - Old Church-Slavonic Lessons and Grammar (Table Of Contents)
  • - Old Church-Slavonic – the Verb
  • - The Comprehensive Source Of Information About Church-Slavonic: Church Slavonic Alphabet, Church Slavonic Numerals, Nouns, Verbs, Pronouns, Prepositions, Adjectives, Participles, Grammatical Analyses, Questions, Quizzes and Tools, Vocabulary, Resources
  • - “The following resources are PDF files of the basic notes used for Church Slavonic class in the early eighties at SS Cyril and Methodius Seminary. They provide a good starting point to get a feel for the structure of the language.
  • Grammar Notes - This is a short summary of the grammar of Church Slavonic compiled in hand written notes by Father Chornyak. Note that the last page is a correction list with the correction and page number listed. This is set up on legal size paper and runs very close to the edge. You may have to play with your print settings in Acrobat to get a complete copy by shrinking the page size percentage and using print to fit on page.
  • Titla (Abbreviations), Dipthongs & Vocabulary - Our liturgical books are full of short abbreviations called the titla. These are similar to contractions in English. They eliminate vowels and mark a word with a special symbol. These sheets provide a list of common titla used in Church Slavonic and what the original word was. Part two is a listing of dipthong pronunciations and usage. There is also a basic vocabulary list. I have also scanned in the titla section from Deschler’s lexicon.
  • Pronunciation Guides - There is more than one way to pronounce Church Slavonic. This PDF file collects the pronunciation sheets I have gathered over the years. Page one is the system used in the Carpatho-Rusyn tradition. Others provide a helpful reference for the number equivalents of the letters, old style Glagolitic letters and the Russian pronunciation system. Many Church Slavonic books use the old system of letters for numbers. This is also common in Greek and Hebrew. These guides can help read the Psalm numbers and page numbers. Also included is a copy of the Grigassy transliteration system. When you find a prayer book using Latin letters instead of Cyrillic this guide can help you reverse the words back to Cyrillic in order to find them in a lexicon.
  • Jesus Prayer - This file is a scan of a beautifully typeset Church Slavonic version of the Jesus Prayer. Page two is a copy of the Rusyn pronunciation guide.
  • Rusyn Lessons - This is a series of type written lessons in spoken Rusyn (about 100 pages). This class was no longer taught during my time at SS Cyril and Methodius. But this series of lessons for learning spoken Rusyn may be of help and interest.”

Digitized Grammar Books

 Church Slavonic Vocabulary


  • University Of Texas - Master Glossary
  • Slavonic Glossary (pdf) – “This glossary was sent to me a number of years ago and I am finally putting it online. It is the work of Carl Fredrik Gildea and he has graciously given me permission to post it online. It is a terrific resource for anyone wishing to learn Slavonic.”

Church Slavonic Dictionaries

Church Slavonic Listening and Video Resources


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