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I know. Visiting relatively big websites is always confusing. There are so many articles that it’s hard to decide where to start. I want to help you with that.
Below you can find some of the more popular articles from the Universe of Memory. They all tackle different areas of knowledge, so choose the ones which are to your liking.



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  1. The Goldlist Method – A Scientific Critique And Why It’s A Waste Of Time
  2. Why Is It Difficult To Recall Vocabulary And How To Fix It?
  3. Writing Or Speaking – What Is Better Memory-Wise For Learning Languages?
  4. Why Passive Learning Is An Ineffective Learning Method
  5. Why Speaking Can Be A Bad Language Learning Strategy
  6. How To Choose The Best Learning Methods (And Avoid The Bad Ones)
  7. How To Learn To Speak A Foreign Language With Social Anxiety
  8. How Much Time It Takes To Maintain (And Improve) Many Languages
  9. How To Master Grammar Of Any Language And Why Deliberate Practice Is The Fastest Way To Do It
  10. Active And Passive Learning – How To Create The Winning Combination (Optimize Your Language Learning – Part 3)
  11. Optimize Your Language Learning – Optimize Your Repetitions (Part 2)
  12. Optimize Your Language Learning – Limit Passive Learning Activities
  13. Grammar Cheat Sheet – 6 Reasons Why Every Language Learner Must Have One
  14. Setting Big Goals In Language Learning: 5 Reasons Why You Should Try To Take On Crazy Learning Tasks
  15. How To Prepare For A Foreign Language Interview And Ace It
  16. 3 Fun Ways To Learn A Language By Teaching Others
  17. Common Language Learning Mistakes And How To Fix Them With Lean Language Learning
  18. Become Better At Grammar And Remember It Much Longer By Personalizing It
  19. The Rule Of 2 – How Many Words You Should Know (For Every Language Level)
  20. How To Turn Facebook Into The Language Learning Machine
  21. How To Extend Your Vocabulary And Memorize More Words With Swearing
  22. 80 Amazing Advantages And Benefits Of Language Learning (Part 1)


  1. What To Do Instead Of Nootropics In Order To Maximize Your Brain Power Permanently
  2. The Magnet Theory – Why Deep Understanding And Problem-Solving Starts With Memorization
  3. A Simple 4-Step Learning Plan To Get The Most Out Of Your Study Time
  4. 10 Bizarre Ways To Improve Your Memory And Mental Performance


  1. The Impossible Tuesday – Your Day To Overcome All The Excuses And Prove How Tough You Are
  2. How To Learn Communicative Czech In 1 Month – Results Of My Czech Mission
  3. Foreign Languages – Learn By Talking To Yourself And Get A Job Thanks To This!


  1. How To Learn German From Scratch To A B2 Level In 5 months: A Case Study
  2. How To Memorize Grammatical Gender With Use Of Mnemonics


  1. The Guide To Effective Problem Solving For Beginners
  2. Fail Fast And Fail Epicly – The Best Way Of Learning Languages


  1. Block Distracting Websites And Regain Control Over Your Time With These 5 Apps
  2. How To Triple Your Productivity Overnight With A Simple Strategy
  3. Recover From Fluffoholism, Forge Your Character And Make Your Time Count
  4. How To Have More Time And Energy To Do The Things You Care About


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