About Me

Hello there!

My name is Bartosz Czekala, and I am, first and foremost, a memory expert.

I started my adventure with the so-called accelerated learning at the age of 19 (or 18?), when I got my first book on memory techniques. Even though I couldn't have known it back then, it was a spark that made me embark on one of the most exciting adventures of my life - a journey into discovering the power of memory and all the advantages it has to offer.

The journey continues, and on my way, I am trying to collect some cool achievements from various disciplines. For example, I managed to:

  • win Wrocław Open Memory Championship in 2010
  • graduate from Computer Science and Econometrics at the University of Economics in Wrocław and do my Postgraduate Studies for Sworn Translators and Interpreters at the University of Wrocław.
  • learn 8 languages at advanced levels and teach 3 of them (English, German, Swedish) in small and large language schools in Wrocław (Poland).
  • co-create "Compendium of persuasive techniques" (collective work edited by Aleksander Binsztok).
  • win some accolades for my website. It took the 3rd place (2016) and the1st place (2017) respectively in the most prestigious online competition organized by Bab.la for the best language websites / blogs.
  • help to co-create, as the so-called multilingual researcher, New York Times bestseller, Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum.
  • learn Swedish from scratch to a B2 level in 3.5 months. To make it more interesting, I did it without any lessons or contact with other people who speak Swedish.
  • learn Czech in a month from scratch to a B1 / B2 level and verify it with a test at a language school.
  • teach hundreds of people to learn any language crazy fast (read testimonials here.) For example, check out the story of Mateusz, who learned German from scratch to a B2 / C1 in 5 months and then confirmed his achievement with a certificate from the Goethe Institute.
  • teach hundreds of specialists from various fields (especially doctors and nutritionists) how to effectively acquire knowledge.
  • become a certified nutritionist, personal coach and trichologist.
  • and many others

My list of languages (including levels)

Polish – native

English – C2+ (specialization in business, medicine and legal translations)

German – C1/C2

Swedish – C1/C2

Esperanto – B2

Russian – C1

Spanish – B2

French – A2 

Czech – B2/C1

The mission of Universe of Memory

I believe that knowing how to learn effectively is the single most powerful skill you can learn in your life.

Sadly, it is nowhere to be found in almost any school curriculum in the world. What we get most of the time is a depressing mix of personal opinions, urban myths or bad science (e.g. that learning styles exist).

My goal is to show you, with the help of my articles, personal missions and products and courses, that the rapid acquisition of any knowledge is fully feasible if you only learn how to learn.

On this website (and its Polish version), I write about:

  • learn foreign languages quickly
  • quickly and effectively build expert knowledge in various fields
  • increase your productivity
  • improve your creativity
  • which learning strategies are effective and which are drinking water
  • various memory techniques
  • and many more

Wanna see how better memory can reshape your life? Join the list or simply take a look around to find some interesting article.