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Sudanese Arabic is the most widely spoken language in the country. It is the variety of Arabic spoken throughout northern Sudan. It has much borrowed vocabulary from the local languages. This has resulted in a variety of Arabic that is unique to Sudan, reflecting the way in which the country has been influenced by both African and Arab cultures. Some of the tribes in Sudan still have similar accents to the ones in Saudi Arabia. Other important languages include Beja (AKA Bedawi) along the Red Sea, with perhaps two million speakers; Tigre is another language spoken by some Beja tribes; Fur in (Darfur) in the west, with perhaps a million speakers; and various Nubian languages along the Nile in the north, with half a million or so speakers.

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Native speakers: 31.9 million (2015)

Official language in: Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan

Sudanese Grammar and Pronunciation

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Sudanese Listening and Video Resources

  • YouTube Channel SudaneseOnline 
  • South Sudan Radio - “South Sudan Radio strives for enhancement of multicultural understanding through music, interviews, and perspectives from South Sudan.”
  • South Sudan In Focus - “South Sudan in Focus airs at 7:30 pm in Juba (1630 UTC) and can be heard on FM stations throughout South Sudan, on shortwave, and on VOA’s 24-hour channel in Nairobi at 8:30 pm. The program is hosted by John Tanza in Washington D.C., and a network of reporters around South Sudan and in Washington produce the stories that are heard on South Sudan in Focus.”


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