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Bashkir -  is a Turkic language belonging to the Kipchak branch. It is co-official with Russian in Bashkortostan. It is spoken by approximately 1.4 million native speakers in Russia, as well as in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Estonia and other neighboring post-Soviet states, and among the Bashkir diaspora. It has three dialect groups: Southern, Eastern and Northwestern.

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Native speakers: 1.4 million (2010 census)

Official language in: Bashkortostan

Bashkir Grammar and Pronunciation

Bashkir Reading Materials

  • - Useful phrases in Bashkir
  • Wiki Voyage - Bashkir phrasebook
  • - Useful phrases for greetings
  • - How to form simple sentences in Bashkir - “You want to learn how to form simple sentences in Bashkir? You've come to the right place! Scroll down and see the short Bashkir lessons complete with useful examples. The house is big, the book is old... we make forming simple Bashkir sentences easy.”

Bashkir Dictionaries

Bashkir Listening and Video Resources


TV / Video / Movies


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