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Chechen - is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by some 2 million people, mostly in the Chechen Republic and by members of the Chechen diaspora throughout Russia and the rest of Europe, Jordan, Central Asia (mainly Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) and Georgia.

More information: Wikipedia

Native speakers: 2 million

Official language in: Russia, Chechnya, Dagestan 

Chechen Grammar and Pronunciation

Chechen Reading Materials

Chechen Dictionaries

Chechen Listening and Video Resources

TV / Video / Movies

  • - News Testament audio in Chechen language
  • YouTube - The Sound of the Chechen language (Numbers, Greetings & The Parable)
  • YouTube - “Learn Chechen-English” Channel - “This channel teaches  Chechen for English speakers”
  • YouTube - “Chechen language” Channel - “This channel established to help you learn the Сhechen language.”


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