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Dinka (natively Thuɔŋjäŋ) - is a Nilotic language spoken by the Dinka people, the major ethnic group of South Sudan. There are several main dialects, including Padang, Rek, Agaar, Hol, Twic East, Twic, Athooc, and Gok, which show limited variation. The dialects are all mutually intelligible

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Native speakers: 1.3 million (ca. 2008-2016; some figures undated)

Native to: Sudan, South Sudan

Dinka Grammar and Pronunciation

Dinka Reading Materials

Dinka Dictionaries

Academia.edu - English-Dinka dictionary - PDF


Dinka Listening and Video Resources

TV / Video / Movies

  • SBS Dinka - a Daily News Podcast
  • Thoŋë Jiɛ̈ŋ Online School YouTube Channel - “Thoŋë Jiɛ̈ŋ Online School is the immediate answer to the call made by many people who needed to learn how to write in Dinka Language and also able to speak it too. This channel will entirely focus on teaching both basic Dinka writings using the early childhood educational approach. “

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