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Jarai - is a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by the Jarai people of Vietnam and Cambodia. The speakers of Jarai number approximately 262,800, not including other possible Jarai communities in countries other than Vietnam and Cambodia such as United States of America. They are the largest of the upland ethnic groups of Vietnam's Central Highlands known as Degar or Montagnards, and 25 percent of the population in the Cambodian province of Ratanakiri.


More information: Wikipedia

 Native speakers: 260,000 (2007–2008)

 Recognised minority  language in: Vietnam, Cambodia

Jarai Grammar and Pronunciation

  • MustGo.com - Structure, writing & alphabet
  • rc.library.uta.edu - "The Structure of Jarai Clauses and Noun Phrases" by Joshua Martin Jensen -  PDF
  • Omniglot.com - Alphabet, pronunciation & language 
  • Google Books - Jarai phonology, prosodics and phonotactics Google Books

Jarai Dictionaries

Jarai Listening and Video Resources

  • YouTube - Jarai Alphabet (Bảng chử cái tiếng Gia Rai)
  • YouTube - Two Lessons of Basic Jarai

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