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Korean – is the official language of South Korea and North Korea as well as one of the two official languages in China’s Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. For over a millennium, Korean was written with adapted Chinese characters called hanja, complemented by phonetic systems like hyangchal, gugyeol, and idu. In the 15th century, a national writing system called hangul was commissioned by Sejong the Great, but it only came into widespread use in the 20th century, because of the yangban aristocracy’s preference for hanja. 

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Native speakers: 77 million (2010)

Official language in: South Korea, North Korea, China Yanbian, People’s Republic of China

Korean Grammar and Pronunciation

  • Korean.sogang.ac.kr - Extensive course for beginners and intermediate levels
  • Korean-course.com Korean lessons and grammar (also in Spanish and Portuguese)
  • English.visitkorea.or.kr - Korean language adventure. These lessons have been developed in the theme of travel and adventure, allowing learners to take a virtual journey to Seoul and its nearby popular tourist destinations. There are 30 extensive units, with each unit containing three main parts: Reading, Conversation, and Activity sections. (this page does not exist anymore)
  • Korean.go.kr - Korean learning for correct pronunciation
  • University of California - Online Intermediate College Korean 
  • University of California - Online lessons and listening practice
  • Hawaii.edu - Integrated Korean Beginning 1
  • Koreanwikiproject.com - Probably EVERYTHING you need to learn Korean – flashcards, grammar, quizzes, resources, etc.
  • The Ohio State University - This project is to produce beginning-level materials for students with no previous exposure to the Korean language. Materials developed thus far include five units and more than forty lessons/stages. These self-study materials come in two formats: a print with a CD of audio program, and an online program. They introduce the true beginners to the Korean sound system, instructional expressions, performances of basic personal interactions, and Hangul – the Korean alphabet.
  • FSI Language Courses - 3 courses with textbooks (pdf) and audio (mp3). 
    Korean Basic Course (New)
    Korean Basic Course (Original)
    Korean Headstart.
  • Learn-korean.net - 15 lessons and other resources
  • Langintro.com Introduction to Korean – Alphabet Tutorial
  • Genkienglish.net - Learn how to speak Korean (website includes vocabulary games)
  • Linguanaut - “We offer free Korean (Hangul) lessons online, from Phrases, Alphabet, Numbers, Adjectives, Words, Survival Terms, Vocabulary and Korean Translation used in Korea. Most of the lessons contain expressions used for the everyday life conversations, through them you can learn how to say specific sentences, so they might come handy if you memorize them.”
  • Lifeinkorea.com Language practice – writing, phrases and vocabulary
  • Rki.kbs.co.kr - Let’s Learn Korean by KBS Radio
  • Indiana.edu - Learn Korean Alphabet
  • Learnkoreanlp.com - Korean Language Learning – Language Guide and Recordings
  • Speakkorean.net - Quizes, Tutorials and Writing
  • Learnkorean.com - Extensive lessons on vocabulary, grammar and alphabet
  • Wiki.galbijim.com - Learn Hanja!
  • Pathwaytokorean.osu.edu - This set of beginning-level materials is designed for students with no previous exposure to the Korean language. It introduces the true beginners to the Korean sound system, instructional expressions, performances of basic personal interactions, and Hangul. Lessons by The Ohio State University.
  • Learn101 - “All the lessons contain audio and are all offered for free. We will learn the alphabet together. We will also review some simple grammar rules, practice common phrases, and we will have fun memorizing many important vocabulary lists.”
  • MyLanguages - Courses about adjectives, adverbs, articles, gender (feminine, masculine…), negation, nouns, numbers, phrases, plural, prepositions, pronouns, questions, verbs, vocabulary, exercises.
  • Gloss.dliflc.edu - 507 lessons
  • Wte.dliflc.edu - 42 lessons by Defense Language Institute
  • ILanguages - This site is designed to teach you and help you learn Korean for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards (vocabulary trainer)
  • Howtostudykorean.com - Over 100 hundred lessons
  • Koreangrammaticalforms.com - Korean Grammar Dictionary / Database
  • Parleremo - Lessons, games and vocabulary
  • Pinterest - Tons of lessons and vocabulary (through pictures)
  • Dongsa.net - Online Verb Conjugator
  • Verbix - Online Verb Conjugator
  • Yeskorean.com - Language lessons and vocabulary
  • Wright-house.com - Brief guide how to memorize Hangul in Korean
  • UniLang - Korean Script & Romanization Explanation by Sabino Pena Arcia
  • Learnlangs.com - Learn to read, write and pronounce Korean
  • Hangulforest.com - Grammar, pronunciation, words and expressions
  • Learnkoreantoday.com - Alphabet, grammar, phrases and more
  • Optilingo - vocabulary, movie recommendations and tips on learning the language

Digitized Grammar Books

  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Basic Course (1966), 1451 pages (pdf)(pending restoration)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Basic Course. Volume II (1969), 572 pages (pdf)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Basic Course: Area Background (1971), 278 pages (pdf)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Non Resident Language Refresher Course: 210 Hour Course (1962), 1001 pages (pdf)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Intermediate Course. Selected Newspaper Articles (1969), 240 pages (pdf)(pending restoration)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Advanced Course, Volume I (1971), 179 pages (pdf)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Advanced Course: Volume II (1971), 214 pages (pdf)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Advanced Course: Volume V (1972), 200 pages (pdf)
  • Eric.edu.gov Korean Language & Culture Curriculum: Teacher’s Manual [and] Student Activity Book by Kinoshita, Waunita (1995), 149 pages (pdf)
  • Academia.edu Anatomy of the Korean Plosives by Dick Grune (pdf)(website requires free registration)
  • Academia.edu Basic Korean Grammar and Workbook (pdf)(website requires free registration)
  • Academia.edu Linguistic Differences Between Korean and English Scott McLaughlin

Korean Vocabulary

Vocabulary-related (and digitized) E-books

Korean Reading Materials

Korean Dictionaries

Korean Listening and Video Resources


  • ITunes KoreanClass101 - Over 35 lessons
  • Player.fm Survival Phrases 
  • ITunes Talk to me in Korean. We provide free lessons, fun video shows, and a store section that will meet all your Korean learning needs. 296 lessons.
  • ITunes Korean Podcast for Beginners
  • Player.fm Weekly Korean
  • ITunes Sparkling Korean Podcast. “While you enjoy this programme you will learn Korean and see much more about Korea. Join me and Enjoy.” 13 lessons.
  • ITunes Korean Class 2. Idiomatic Expressions. 10 lessons. (this podcast does notnexist anymore)
  • ITunes UC Berkeley Korean Class Podcast by Minsook Kim. 10 lessons.
  • Forvo - Over 27000 words pronounced by native speakers


  • YouTube Let’s Speak Korean YT Channel - Hundreds of videos to teach you the language
  • YouTube Let’s Speak Korean (season 1)
  • YouTube Let’s Speak Korean (season 2) - (this playlist does not exist anymore)
  • YouTube Let’s Speak Korean (season 3)
  • YouTube Let’s Speak Korean (season 4)
  • YouTube Traveler’s Korean (Season 1) - (this playlist does not exist anymore)
  • YouTube Traveler’s Korean (Season 2)
  • YouTube The Ultimate Pronunciation Guide
  • YouTube GoBillyKorean Channel
  • YouTube ViVi Korean Channel. Lessons by native speakers
  • YouTube - A list of YT video lessons
  • BusyAtom - 20 video lessons
  • Reddit - Over 100 Korean movies (with links and English subtitles)
  • Abyznewslinks.com - A list of 6 TV stations from South Korea
  • MyEasyTV - A list of 9 TV stations from South Korea
  • SquidTV - Over 20 TV stations
  • Dramaload.ch - Hundreds of Korean dramas (with links)
  • Dramafever.com - Hundreds of Korean dramas (with links)
  • Viki.com - Korean Movies (with links)
  • KShow123.net - Korean Tv Shows
  • Dramastyle.com - Popular Korean Shows (with links)
  • YouTube - Hundreds of TV programmes in Korean



Korean In Other Languages

  • Cours-coreen.fr - “Vous trouverez ici tout le nécessaire pour apprendre la langue coréenne!”
  • Coree.kimiko.be - Découvrir la Corée en français (this page does not exist anymore)

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