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Sierra Leonean Creole or Krio - is an English-based creole language that is lingua franca and de facto national language spoken throughout the West African nation of Sierra Leone. Krio is spoken by 87% of Sierra Leone's population and unites the different ethnic groups in the country, especially in their trade and social interaction with each other. Krio is the primary language of communication among Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. The language is native to the Sierra Leone Creole people, or Krios, a community of about 95,000 descendants of freed slaves from the West Indies, Canada, United States and the British Empire, and is spoken as a second language by millions of other Sierra Leoneans belonging to the country's indigenous tribes.

More information: Wikipedia

Native speakers: (500,000 cited 1993)

4 million L2 speakers in Sierra Leone (1987)

Native to: Sierra Leone

Krio Grammar and Pronunciation

  • - Krio Sounds, Vocabulary and Grammar
  •  - Krio alphabet and pronuncuation
  • - Peace Corps Krio Manual - PDF
  • - Prepositions in Krio - PDF “ The paper starts with a general introduction to prepositions in Krio. Three different categories are distinguished. This is followed by a description of each preposition individually and a discussion of intransitive prepositions and verb-particle constructions.”

Krio Reading Materials

Krio Dictionaries

Krio Listening and Video Resources


TV / Video / Movies

  • - Introductory Krion Language Course by Peace Corps with audios
  • YouTube - Learn Krio (Sierra Leone)- Krio 101 (Lesson One)
  • YouTube - Learn Sierra Leone Krio- Lesson Two
  • YouTube- How to Speak Krio Playlist

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