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Kyrgyz (/kɪərˈɡz/; Кыргызчаقىرعىزچا‎, Qırğızça[qɯrʁɯzt͡ʃɑ]) also spelled as KirghizKirgiz and Qirgiz, is a Turkic language spoken in Central Asia. Kyrgyz was originally written in the Turkic runes, gradually replaced by a Perso-Arabic alphabet (in use until 1928 in USSR, still in use in China). Between 1928 and 1940 a Latin-script alphabet, the Uniform Turkic Alphabet, was used. In 1940 due to general Soviet policy, a Cyrillic alphabet eventually became common and has remained so to this day, though some Kyrgyz still use the Arabic alphabet.

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Native speakers: 4.3 million (2009)

Official language in: Kyrgyzstan, China, Kizilsu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture

Kyrgyz Grammar and Pronunciation

  • Live Lingua - material contain 3 Kyrgyz courses, 3 ebooks and 6 audios. Just select the course you want to use and enjoy!
  • Online Language Survival Kit - contains the pronunciation of basic words and phrases
  • Omniglot - Alphabet and pronunciation guide

Kyrgyz Vocabulary

  • Memrise - Lessons and thousands of flashcards

Kyrgyz Dictionaries

Kyrgyz Reading Materials

Kyrgyz Listening and Video Resources



  • - the public broadcasting corporation of the Kyrgyzstan, the corporation includes 6 TV channels, 5 radio channels
  • TED - TED talks with Kyrgyz subtitles and transcripts
  • Youtube - 6 videos with phrases for beginners
  • YouTube - a list of YT video lessons


Kyrgyz In Other Languages

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