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Lakota (also LakhotaTetonTeton Sioux) – is a Siouan language spoken by the Lakota people of the Sioux tribes. While generally taught and considered by speakers as a separate language, Lakota is mutually intelligible with the other two languages (cf. Dakota language), and is considered by most linguists one of the three major varieties of the Sioux language.

The Lakota language represents one of the largest Native American language speech communities in the United States, with approximately 6,000 speakers living mostly in northern plains states of North Dakota and South Dakota.

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Native speakers: 6,000 (1997)

Native to: United States, with some speakers in Canada

Lakhota Grammar and Pronunciation

  • - Language forum – learn to read, write and speak Lakota with others
  • Elexion - Spelling & Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Verbs, Interrogative words, Commands, Audio samples, A reservation conversation
  • UniLang - 5 Lessons for beginners covering a variety of topics
  • - “The website is dedicated to the promotion and strengthening of the Lakota language, by creating new generations of Lakota speakers. We offer programs designed to teach and promote the use of the Lakota language and culture.”
  • FaceBook - Language Lessons
  • - Language Lessons
  • - Tons of Language Materials

Digitized Grammar Books

  • Palatalization in Lakhota by Corey Telfer, University of Calgary, 43 pages (pdf)

Lakhota Vocabulary

Lakhota Reading Materials

  • - Niobrara Wocekiye Wowapi: The Niobrara Prayer Book (1991) Episcopal Church prayers in Lakota

Lakhota Dictionaries

Digitized Dictionaries

Lakhota Listening and Video Resources


  • Forvo - Over 600 words pronounced by native speakers


  • YouTube - A List Of YT Video Lessons

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