• Is it common to experience a dip right after significantly increasing performance? I’ve noticed this kind of thing with my meditation. I make a breakthrough, get really excited, and for the next week it’s like my performance drop off a cliff completely.

    Something else I wanted to ask about this, and the mindset chapter. It seems that the obvious solution to feeling discouraged would simply be to monitor both your progress in the subject, and the learning effects you’re experiencing at the time. That way when combined with knowledge of how learning works you can make adjustments based on an estimate of where you are in the learning. Is this a sensible way of viewing it?

    • Yes, it certainly can happen. Yes, that’s a sensible way of doing it. However, obviously, this is not the only way. There will be a very long unit on how to manage feeling overwhelmed 🙂

      • I’m happy to hear about the chapter on managing overwhelm. It’s something I can always learn more about.

        Something else that occured to me to ask about this, especially since your website mentions that you’re a personal trainer. Do things like strength training follow a similar pattern to learning? I have for some time now theorised that, hypertrophy and metabolic adaptations aside, a significant part of strength gains actually has to do with learning how to move muscles. So I’m sorta curious about this.

        • There are definitely lots of similarities. After intense strength training, you damage your muscles and you experience a dip. Then your muscles rebuild and after a couple of days, your overall strength increases., so as you can see, there are some parallels.

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