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South Levantine (Arabic: اللهجة الشامية الجنوبية‎), a subdivision of Levantine Arabic, is spoken predominantly in Palestine, as well as in the western area of Jordan (in the ‘Ajlun, Al Balqa’, Al Karak, Al Mafraq, ‘Amman, Irbid, Jarash, and Madaba governorates).

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Native to: Jordan, Palestine, Israel

Native speakers: 11.6 million (2016)

South Levantine Grammar and Pronunciation

South Levantine Reading Materials

  • Shami: A Corpus of Levantine Arabic Dialects - PDF
  • - “The Levantine Diaries series by Lingualism is a series of short posts that resemble diary entries written by natives. Each diary entry is a couple of short paragraphs and comes with English translation.”
  • - “The “Bel Lebneene” page on Medium is another great resource to practice reading Lebanese Arabic (or the Lebanese language). The topics vary widely and you’ll find that some of the articles are written in the Latin script.”
  • - News Page in Levantine Arabic

South Levantine Dictionaries

South Levantine Listening and Video Resources

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