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Akan – also known as Twi and Fante, is an Akan language that is the principal native language of Akan lands in Ghana, spoken over much of the southern half of that country, by about 58% of the population, and among 30% of the population of Ivory Coast. Three dialects have been developed as literary standards with distinct orthographies, Asante, Akuapem (together called Twi), and Fante, which despite being mutually intelligible were inaccessible in written form to speakers of the other standards. 

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Native speakers: 11 million (2007)

Official language in: None. Government-sponsored languages of Ghana

Akan Grammar and Pronunciation


Akan Vocabulary

  •  Twitter - Twi Word of the Day and Articles.

Akan Reading Materials

  • Alislam.org - The Quran in Twi Language, 749 pages (pdf)

Akan Dictionaries

Digitized Dictionaries

  • Archive.org - English-Tshi (Asante) : a dictionary = Enyiresi-Twi nsem-asekyere-nhõma (1909)

Akan Listening and Video Resources

TV / Video / Movies

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