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Assyrian Neo-Aramaic – (also known as Aššuri, Assuri, Ashuri, Aturi, Assyrian, Aisorski, Assyrianci, Assyriski, Lishana Aturaya, Neo-Syriac, Sooreth, Suret, Sureth, or Suryaya Swadaya) is a Neo-Aramaic dialect, spoken by an estimated 220,000 people (1994 SIL estimate), formerly in the area between Lake Urmia, north-western Iran, northern Iraq, north-eastern Syria and Siirt, south-eastern Turkey, but now more widely throughout the Assyrian–Chaldean–Syriac diaspora. 

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Native speakers: unknown (undated figure of 220,000)

Native to:  Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria

Assyrian Grammar and Pronunciation


  1. Learn to speak using transliterated/translated songs
  2. Learn to read and write using the easiest method possible
  3. Learning the history of the Assyrian people using the Assyrian Screen Saver with 72 beautiful images and a historical caption above each one

Digitized Grammar Books

Korean Dictionaries

Digitized Dictionaries

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