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Breton – (Brezhoneg) is a Celtic language spoken in Brittany (Breton: Breizh; French: Bretagne), France. Breton is a Brittonic language brought from Great Britain to Armorica by migrating Britons during the Early Middle Ages; it is thus an Insular Celtic language and not closely related to the Gaulish language. It is most closely related to Cornish, as both are Southwestern Brittonic languages. Welsh and the extinct Cumbric are the more distantly-related Brittonic languages. 

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Native speakers: 210,000 (2007)

Native to: France

Breton Grammar and Pronunciation

  • Hizivandeiz - lessons for beginners (in French)
  • WordGumbo - Breton to English Lexicon
  • - Grammaire du breton, (extensive Breton grammar in French, with glossed examples and typological comparisons) by Jouitteau, M. (2009)
  • - the lessons of this course are adapted for the Web from the book “Ni a gomz brezhoneg” by Mark Kerrain, published by TES editions

Breton Vocabulary

  • Breizh - 100 Breton words
  • Loecsen - basic words and useful phrases you will need for your trip

Breton Reading Materials

Breton Dictionaries

Breton Listening and Video Resources


  • - a list of 3 Radio Stations

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