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The Ch’orti’ language (sometimes also Chorti) is a Mayan language, spoken by the indigenous Maya people who are also known as the Ch’orti’ or Ch’orti’ Maya. Ch’orti’ is a direct descendant of the Classic Maya language in which many of the pre-Columbian inscriptions using the Maya script were written.

This Classic Maya language is also attested in a number of inscriptions made in regions whose inhabitants most likely spoke a different Mayan language variant, including the ancestor of Yukatek Maya. Ch’orti’ is the modern version of the ancient Mayan language Ch’olan (which was actively used and most popular between the years of A.D 250 and 850). 

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Native speakers: 30,000 (2000)

Native to: Guatemala, Honduras

Ch’orti’ Grammar and Pronunciation


Ch’orti’ Vocabulary

  • Wikipedia - a Short Ch’orti’ Vocabulary List

Ch’orti’ Dictionaries

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