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Czech – is a West Slavic language spoken by over 10 million people. It is an official language in the Czech Republic, where most of its speakers reside, and claims minority language status in Slovakia. It is most closely related to Slovak—with which it is mutually intelligible—then to other West Slavic languages like Polish, and then to other Slavic languages like Russian. Most of its vocabulary is based on roots shared with other Slavic and otherwise Indo-European languages, but many loanwords have been adopted in recent years, most of them associated with high culture. 

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Native speakers: 10 million (2007)

Official language in: Czech Republic, European Union, Slovakia (partially)

Czech Grammar and Pronunciation

  • FSI Language Courses - a textbook (pdf) and 12 audio lessons (mp3)
  • ILanguages - this site is designed to teach you and help you learn Czech for free through vocabularyphrasesgrammar and flashcards (vocabulary trainer)
  • LocaLingo - Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary
  • CzechLanguage - Grammar, vocabulary, games, jokes and more

Digitized Grammar Books

Czech Vocabulary

Czech Reading Materials

Czech Dictionaries

Czech Listening and Video Resources


  • - Some Recordings in Czech
  • Forvo - Learn phrases in the Czech language by selecting from the list of topics on the right. These cover a wide variety of Czech topics, including the numbers in Czech, days of the week in Czech, Czech greetings and the months in Czech. The Czech phrases have audio recorded by a native speaker.



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