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French – is a Romance language, belonging to the Indo-European family that is an official language in 29 countries, most of which form la francophonie (in French), the community of French-speaking countries. It is an official language of all United Nations agencies and of a large number of international organizations, including the European Union, NATO, WTO, and the ICRC.

In 2011, French was deemed by Bloomberg Businessweek to be one of the top three most useful languages for business, behind English and Chinese, but ahead of Spanish and other European languages. 

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Native speakers: 73.8 million (2007), 338 million total (L1 plus L2 speakers)(2013)

Official language in29 countries

French Grammar and Pronunciation

  • Carnegie Mellon Uniersity Elementary French I is a carefully sequenced and highly interactive presentation of the language and culture in a media-rich course environment including new video shot in France and Québec with young professional actors. It is designed to be used as a full course of study. You can save your work if you create an account.
  • FSI Language Courses - A group of courses: Introduction to PhonologyFrench BasicLe Monde FrancophoneTesting KitFAST CoursesHeadstart for Belgium
  • Carnegie Mellon Uniersity Elementary French II is a carefully sequenced and highly interactive presentation of the language and culture in a media-rich course environment including new video shot in France and Québec with young professional actors. It is designed to be used as a full course of study.
  • WikiBooks - Lessons, texts, grammar and vocabulary
  • - A video instructional series for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 52 half-hour video programs, audiocassettes, coordinated books, and Web site
  • BBC - 24 Interactive Video Lessons
  • - Tex’s French Grammar With Audio
  • University Of Texas - Lessons, texts, grammar and vocabulary
  • - Grammar, vocabulary and writing, and “How To” Tutorials.
  • Learn101 - Learn the language by going step by step. All the lessons contain audio and are all offered for free. We will learn the alphabet together. We will also review some simple grammar rules, practice common phrases, and we will have fun memorizing many important vocabulary lists
  • - Liberté, by Gretchen Angelo, is a first-year college textbook with a true communicative approach. It has been adopted by instructors at over thirty colleges and high schools (partial list below). The textbook may be downloaded for free in accordance with the license, or printed copies can be ordered.
  • - French Lessons by RFI
  • - Resources for teaching and learning FRENCH
  • “Learn French with phonetic exercises. Welcome to the “Phonetique” site. It is aimed at learners of French as a foreign language, but can also be used by native speakers.
    On these pages, you will be able to hear all the sounds of the alphabet, and those of the international phonetic alphabet. You will also find exercises to learn how to distinguish between sounds, as well as games to help you practise the sounds and rhythms of the language.”
  • - Verb Conjugator
  • - Learn French Online for Free with Phrases, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, & Listening Resources
  • - Interactive Games and Resources
  • - French grammar, vocabulary and readings.
  • - 200 French Tests
  • - The French Course
  • MyLanguages - Courses about adjectives, adverbs, articles, gender (feminine, masculine…), negation, nouns, numbers, phrases, plural, prepositions, pronouns, questions, verbs, vocabulary, excercises… to help you with your French grammar.
  • - A List Of Almost 80 Lessons
  • - Quebec French Guide
  • UniLang - French not only for beginners
  • French for Beginners – Lessons and Tips for Beginning Students
  • HelloWorld World Languages For Children – More than 700 FREE French games and activities
  • - Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • FrenchAssistant - This site helps you learn French online. You can learn and practice FREE using our online language lessons and unique question generator.
  • - This website is dedicated to people who study or learn French online. You will learn vocabulary through click and play activities. Each word you will click on will allow you to listen to it and therefore improve your pronunciation. When you have memorised the words, you can check your knowledge with an exercise based on the same topic.
  • - Methode to learn and study French online
  • - French Lessons (this site does not exist anymore)
  • - “Use the following interactive lessons, games and activities to learn up to 1200 words and phrases all for free!”
  • YesFrench - French Lessons
  • - A List of 180 lessons for learners of all levels from Defense Language Institute
  • - Here you will find a variety of free materials for learning French online.
  • ILanguages - This site is designed to teach you and help you learn French for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards (vocabulary trainer).
  • - “All of our lessons are divided into easy-to-use categories. You can study in whichever way you prefer; by thematic lesson such as colours or animals, by particular parts of speech such as nouns or verbs or even by our complete global collection of vocabulary and phrases.
    Click on one of the lessons below to get started in learning to understand and speak French!”
  • - This site aims to provide learners with a clear, concise and well illustrated guide to the main points of French grammar.
  • SQA Easy/Middle/Hard - Find past papers and marking instructions for your revision. You can search by topic and or refine by subject and level. To add the matching marking instructions simply tick the box.

Digitized Grammar Books

  • FSI – The Introduction to French Phonology - The course provides additional drills for those who wish to sound like a native speaker of the language. The course may be used beneficially at any stage of learning the language. It is invaluable for those who are already masters of the language but who wish to speak it better.
  • The French Basic Course is designed to enable you to reach conversational proficiency. You learn how to control the French sound system by listening to the tapes and repeating each phrase. The 24 units that comprise volumes 1 and 2 present a complete grammatical structure.
    The dialogues present natural spoken French in a variety of contexts, such as, greeting people, registering at a hotel, getting a train ticket, and shopping. This course is recommended for those who want to acquire a solid base in French grammar and vocabulary.

French Vocabulary

  • DigitalDialects - Games For Learning French
  • - “French Vocabulary Lessons – This site was originally developed to demonstrate a vocabulary course taught by CD-ROM. This is no longer on sale but the site is still available for students wishing to improve their French vocabulary.
    interactive scenes – will teach you over 600 words of basic vocabulary with recordings in French (Internet Explorer only)
    online lessons – allow you to study and revise over 9,000 words of vocabulary — and improve your English spelling at the same time!
    vocabulary tests – will show you how much progress you have made”
  • - 681 Most Common French/English Verb List (pdf) and French IPA Pronunciation Chart (pdf)
  • TravLang - Vocabulary For Travelers
  • French Regular Verbs - A png. file
  • French Irregular Verbs - A png. file
  • InternetPolyglot - Vocabulary Learning Games
  • - Thematic Vocabulary (on the left)
  • SurfaceLanguages - Select the phrases that you want to learn from the list. These cover a wide variety of topics, including the numbers , days, greetings and the months. Listen to and copy the native speech, and learn with flashcards.
  • FieldSupport - Language Survival Kits
  • Loecsen - Basic words and useful phrases you will need for your trip
  • Wiktionary - A 207-word frequency list
  • - Thousands of flashcards
  • - Thousands of flashcards
  • MasterAnyLanguage - Flashcards for learners of all levels

French Reading Materials

French Dictionaries

French Listening and Video Resources


  • ITunes Learn French by Podcast is an exciting series of French lessons for everybody. Work with high-quality audio podcasts in your own time and at your own pace. Want to clarify some details? Something you couldn’t quite understand? Then download comprehensive PDF Guides which elucidate all the finer points. Learn French the fun way. 168 lessons.
  • - Huge List of Audiobooks
  • ITunes RFI – Journal en français facile – News in easy French (with transcription)
  • ITunes Bonjour à tous and welcome to Easy French Poetry where I read some of the most Classic French Poems. I will read them twice: once slowly – so you may repeat after me – and once at a more natural reading pace. I will sometimes also talk about the life of the author, explain the vocabulary or do an analysis of the text using simple, everyday French.
    You will find the full text of the poems accompanied by the audio on my website as well as much more audio material such as The Easy French Poetry Readings and Analysis series, Classic French Tales, French Verb Drills, reachable audio novels.
  • ITunes - Alexa’s famous french For Beginners’ classes have now been rebranded as Learn French With Alexa. 30 lessons.
  • ITunes Coffee Break French will help you learn French in a relaxing and encouraging way. Mark is an experienced teacher of French and you can join his cohost Anna who is learning alongside the listeners.
    Use Coffee Break French to learn French in the gym, in the car, or sitting at your favourite coffee shop with your favourite coffee! 176 lessons.
  • ITunes - Learn French with free daily podcasts, brought to you by French teachers from Paris. DailyFrenchPod is an amazing effective and new way to learn French, combining daily podcast, a daily learning guide including review exercices, PDF transcript, keywords, audio and PDF vocabulary sheets, grammar tutorials, and a large community of students and experts to practice with. 298 lessons.
  • PodBean Native French Speech Podcast – Learn the beautiful language of romance! Listen to French native speakers. We propose you 1 new episode every Monday on a new subject. Listen to it. Get your ears used to French. You can access the French transcription (French written text) for each episode, the English translation, exercises (audio and text). 151 lessons.
  • ITunes French Podcast By Linguistica 360. Learn French online with us! In our course we emphasize all aspects of language learning from listening comprehension, rapid vocabulary expansion, exposure to French grammar and common idiomatic expressions, to pronunciation practice and interactive grammar exercises. In our program we discuss the Weekly News, French grammar, and French expressions, and much more in simplified French at a slow pace so that you can understand almost every word and sentence. 179 lessons.
  • PodChaser Français Interactif is an online French course from the University of Texas at Austin. 181 lessons.
  • Forvo - Pronunciation of over 100k French Words by Native Speakers



  • - A List Of Over 1500 Radio Stations


French in Other Languages

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