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The Gamilaraay or Kamilaroi – language is a Pama–Nyungan language of the Wiradhuric subgroup found mostly in south-east Australia. It was the traditional language of the Kamilaroi people, but is now moribund—according to Ethnologue, there were only 35 speakers left in 2006, all mixing Gamilaraay and English. However, there are thousands of people of mixed descent both within the native populations as well as immigrant populations, who identify themselves as Kamilaroi. Kamilaroi is also taught in some Australian schools. 

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Native speakers: 35 speak mixed Gamilaraay–English (2006 census)

Region: Central northern New South Wales

Kamilaroi Grammar and Pronunciation

Digitized Grammar Books


Kamilaroi  Vocabulary

Kamilaroi Reading Materials

Kamilaroi Dictionaries

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