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German – is a West Germanic language. It derives most of its vocabulary from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. A number of words are derived from Latin and Greek, and fewer from French and English.

Widely spoken languages which are most similar to German include Luxembourgish, Yiddish, Dutch, the Frisian languages, English and the Scandinavian languages. 

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Native speakers: Standard German: 90 million (2010), all varieties of German: 120 million (1990–2005). L2 speakers: 80 million (2006)

Official language in:  Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Suedtirol CoA.svg South Tyrol (Italy), Switzerland, European Union

German Grammar and Pronunciation

  • FSI Language Courses - Various German courses: Programmed Introduction CourseBasic CourseGerman FASTGerman Headstart (mirror here)
  • - The largest online German course, for free! The DeutschAkademie’s Online Course is the most comprehensive grammar trainer in the German speaking world, for free. Your advantages:
    More than 20.000 German grammar and vocabulary exercises
    A more than 800-hour interactive online course
    Our exercises are structured according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Open University Rundblick: beginners’ German –  This key introductory OU level 1 module – Rundblick: beginners’ German – is designed to develop the skills you need to speak and understand simple German in everyday contexts.
    It explores life in German-speaking countries and communities worldwide through topics relevant to adult learners – such as impressions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland; travelling; lifestyles; cultural events; and technology.
    Study resources include printed books, a dedicated website with online activities and resources and audio recordings – which support independent learning. Together, they’ll give you not just language skills but a real feel for German-speaking countries and communities too.
  • Open University Auftakt: intermediate German – follows on from Rundblick: beginners’ German (L193). It revises and consolidates the knowledge of German you already have and teaches more advanced language in the context of German-speaking countries and communities.
    Study resources – including printed module books and online interactive activities – are carefully designed to develop the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. They provide clear learning objectives, guidance and model answers.
  • Open University Motive: upper intermediate German – This module builds on Auftakt: intermediate German (L130), or equivalent knowledge. It will enhance your cultural knowledge and develop the skills needed to study at a higher level as well as your practical language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
    By studying a variety of authentic audio, video and printed materials from German-speaking countries, you will learn how to communicate in situations ranging from everyday conversation to putting forward your point of view in a debate. You will also improve your command of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Open University Variationen: advanced German – This module follows on from Motive: upper intermediate German (L203). It continues to develop your knowledge and understanding of the society and culture of contemporary Germany and German-speaking countries, and to extend the practical skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The study resources include online authentic audio and video, comprising interviews, documentaries and reportages, and illustrated printed materials.
    You will also develop your academic writing, critical and analytical skills, and intercultural competence. The module has six themes that give both broad and focused coverage of different aspects of historical and contemporary Germany and German-speaking countries.
  • University of Cambridge - This is a web-application developed by the University of Cambridge Language Centre for basic level students of German. It focuses on listening and reading skill but it also includes many activities that help learners prepare for speaking and writing. The three sections invite you to acquire the functional language needed to go out and about in town, to travel and to organise your leisure time. The following reference materials are included in the German Basic Software in German Essentials, German Verbs and Basic German Grammar.
  • BBC - German phrases and lessons
  • YesGerman - Free German Lessons
  • MindUrGerman - Learn German through interactive lessons, real life examples and essential exercises (this site does not exist anymore)
  • - Learn How To Speak German With A Lot Of Fun
  • - Speak German Conversationally – Whether you are studying for an exam, work, travel or simply for pleasure, if conversational German is your goal, we have the solution! Simply said, our free language course will help you learn German fast, fluently, and forever!
  • WikiBooks - A free textbook for learning the German language
  • Deutsch Lernen - Lessons for learners of all levels (website requires registration)
  • Deutsch Interaktiv - 30-part self-study course in German. Features authentic videos, slideshows and audio texts that convey a vibrant picture of life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Created by Deutsche Welle.
  • - German Verb Conjugator
  • Nancy Thuleen - German Course
  • German Cases Cheat Sheet - German Verb Conjugator
  • - Lessons, grammar, phrases and much more
  • Vistawide  - German Grammar
  • TheGermanProfessor - Lessons and learning resources
  • Deutsche Welle - German Course For Learners Of All Levels
  • - “In this section you will learn how to speak German for free and understand it. We will cover grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and the website will always add new features and subjects to help learners expand their knowledge constantly.”
  • - Basic German Grammar
  • University Of Michigan - Grammar Lessons and Resources
  • - Grammar Games
  • - German Grammar – Review & Exercises
  • Learn101 - “Learn by going step by step. All the lessons contain audio and are all offered for free. We will learn the alphabet together. We will also review some simple grammar rules, practice common phrases, and we will have fun memorizing many important vocabulary lists.”
  • MyLanguages - Courses about adjectives, adverbs, articles, gender (feminine, masculine…), negation, nouns, numbers, phrases, plural, prepositions, pronouns, questions, verbs, vocabulary, excercises.
  • German Language Guide - Grammar, pronunciation, phrases, etc.
  • - Over 60 Thematic Lessons
  • Hello-World - More than 600 FREE German games and activities. Hear over 8000 words. It’s mainly for children but it’s up to you;)
  • ILanguages - this site is designed to teach you and help you learn for free through vocabulary, phrases, grammar and flashcards (vocabulary trainer)
  • SQA Easy/Middle/Hard - Find past papers and marking instructions for your revision. You can search by topic and or refine by subject and level. To add the matching marking instructions simply tick the box.

German Vocabulary

  • - 100 most frequently used German words
  • MasterAnyLanguage - German Flashcards For Learners of All Levels
  • Digital Dialects - Language Learning Games
  • Surface Languages Learn phrases in the German language by selecting the phrases that you want to learn from the list on the right.
    These cover a wide variety of topics, including the numbers, days of the week, greetings and the months. All phrases have audio recorded by a native speaker.
  • Loecsen - Basic words and useful phrases you will need for your trip (with audio and pdf)
  • Austrian Literature Online - 5670 public domain documents, including several Austrian literary works
  • - a search engine for recent articles in 100s of German newspapers
  • TravLang - Vocabulary For Travelers
  • - Over 300 Tongue Twisters
  • - Thousands and thousands od flashcards
  • - Thousands and thousands od flashcards

German Reading Materials

German Dictionaries

German Listening and Video Resources


  • ITunes German for beginners: Join Andreas and his mysterious ex on their exciting adventures. Grammar: Conjugation, pronouns, simple questions, accusative. [English Version], 26 lessons.
  • ITunes German for intermediate learners: Join Andreas and his mysterious ex on their exciting adventures. Grammar: Modal verbs, perfect tense, dative. [English Version], 26 lessons.
  • ITunes German for advanced intermediate learners: Join Andreas and his mysterious ex on their exciting adventures. Grammar: Past tense, subordinate clauses, declination of adjectives. [English Version], 26 lessons.
  • ITunes German for advanced learners: Join Andreas and his mysterious ex on their exciting adventures. Grammar: Passive, subordinate clauses, reflexive verbs, subjunctive. [English Version], 26 lessons.
  • ITunes Mission Berlin – Challenge yourself and learn German with Mission Berlin! [English Version], 26 lessons.
  • ITunes German for beginners: Radio D Series 1 - Paula and Philipp are Radio D reporters who have several mysterious cases to investigate. Join them as their research takes them across Germany — and learn German along the way! [English Version], 26 lessons.
  • ITunes New cases for the reporters. Radio D Series 2 episodes 27 to 52 take Paula and Philipp all around Germany. Their investigations include laser attacks in Jena and changes on the trail of the Berlin Wall [English version], 26 lessons.
  • ITunes Deutsche Welle - provides a nightly news broadcast in German that’s spoken slowly so that you can work on your comprehension., 14 lessons.
  • ITunes GermanPod101 is an innovative and fun way of learning the German language and culture at your own convenience and pace. Our language training system consists of free daily podcast audio lessons, video lessons, German Word of the Day, a premium learning center, and a vibrant user community. 38 lessons.
  • ITunes - this Podcast will teach you German. It is free and you can listen to the Podcast at anytime you want. PDF transcripts containing the new words are provided, 109 lessons.
  • ITunes GerGermanGrammarPodcasts By Mario Gerhardt – American students generally experience difficulties when learning German grammar. It is hoped that these podcasts together with Power Point presentations, exercises on the German class webpage on, and Quizzler exercises for handhelds, will help Chagrin Falls High School German students master these topics more readily. Links to German speaking podcasts to improve listening comprehension and vocabulary are listed on the class webpages on and on
  • ITunes My Daily Phrase German – Learn German with teacher Catriona from the Radio Lingua Network. In 100 lessons you will pick up the basics of the German language step by step, day by day, phrase by phrase. 122 lessons.
  • ITunes One Minute German – earn German with teacher Julia as she teaches you the basics of German. In this podcast you’ll be learning just enough German to get by on a holiday or business trip to a German-speaking country – and to impress German speakers everywhere! Each lesson includes just over one minute of language-learning content, so there’s no excuse not to learn! Remember – even a few phrases of a language can help you make friends and enjoy travel more.
  • Spotify Slow German – German podcaster Annik Rubens from Munich tells stories about Germany and reads them slowly to her listeners. Topics range from the Oktoberfest to food and beverages or religious holidays. You can read the transcript in the ID3-Tags or on the internet-page 91 lessons.
  • DW Deutsch – warum nicht? Podcast.
  • SurvivalPhrases is an innovative and fun way of learning the German language and culture at your own convenience and pace. Our language training system consists of free podcast audio lessons, accompanying PDF guides, and a vibrant user community.
  • ITunes Deutsch lernen mit Realitätsbezug: aktuelle Berichte der Deutschen Welle – leicht verständlich und mit Vokabelglossar. 10 lessons. New are being published issued regularly.
  • ITunes Learn basic German vocabulary and improve your pronunciation with our English-German Audio Tutor in 100 lessons.
  • ITunes - Hier findet ihr spannende Audiofeatures zu verschiedenen Themen aus dem deutschen (Sprach-)Alltag. A Podcast in everyday German. 20 lessons. New are being published regularly.
  • ITunes - Die Sprachbar ist ein Angebot, das euch in Geheimnisse und Besonderheiten der deutschen Sprache einführt. Freut euch auf Erklärungen zu Schlagzeilen, Literaturzitaten, Redewendungen oder zur Grammatik. 10 lessons. New are being issued regularly.
  • ITunes - Business German for advanced learners: The “Marktplatz” language course provides an introduction to topics related to work, career and economics. [English Version]. 26 lessons.
  • GPodder - In der Kolumne Guter Umgang stellen wir Lernern für Deutsch als Fremdsprache aktuelle Themen vor. Dazu gibt es Grundwortschatz zum Thema, interessante Redewendungen und umgangssprachliche Ausdrücke. 17 lessons.
  • - Archived files of important historical broadcasts, speeches, and reports
  • - Free Audio Books




  • Vistavide - German music, movies, books & general useful links
  • Mama Lisa - German Kid Songs and Rhymes



  • Reddit  
  • LonWeb - Tons of German-related links – publishing houses, institutions, newspapers, language school, etc

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