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The Ho-Chunk – sometimes called Winnebago, are a Siouan-speaking tribe of Native Americans, native to the present-day states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and parts of Iowa and Illinois. Today the two federally recognized Ho-Chunk tribes, the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin and Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, have territory primarily within the states included in their names. 

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Native speakers: 7000 (1990)

Regions with significant populations:  United States (Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa)

Ho-Chunk Grammar and Pronunciation

  • Hocak.info - Introduction to the Hoocąk Language, Lessons, Listen and Learn, Learn Hoocąk with Movies and Cartoons, Learn Hoocąk with Books, Stories and Poems, Pictures of Words to Learn, Songs, Historic Facts and Others
  • Hotcakencyclopedia.com - Grammar and Vocabulary Lists
  • Dobes.mpi.nl - Basic Information About The Language
  • Wisconsinhistory.org - Winnebago Grammar by William Lipkind
  • Hcnlanguage.com - Language Lessons

Ho-Chunk Vocabulary

Ho-Chunk Reading Materials

Ho-Chunk Listening and Video Resources


  • YouTube Hochunk Renaissance – YT Channel with video lessons

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