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Inupiat – /ɪˈn(j)uːpiæt/, or Alaskan Inuit, is a group of dialects of the Inuit language, spoken by the Inupiat people in northern and northwestern Alaska. The Iñupiaq language is a member of the Eskimo languages. The name is also rendered Inupiatun, Inupiaq, Iñupiaq, Inyupiaq, Inyupiat, Inyupeat, Inyupik, and Inupik. 

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Native speakers: 9,300 (2006–2010)

Native to: United States, formerly Russia; Northwest Territories of Canada

Inupiaq Grammar and Pronunciation

Inupiaq Vocabulary

  • - Basic expressions containing audio files produced by NANA Elder, Hannah Gallahorn; English translations available
  • - couple of basic expressions in Inupiaq
  • - Some Inupiaq flashcards

Inupiaq Reading Materials

  • - Collection of short stories produced under the Bilingual Education Program by the people of Teller, Alaska, 1974

Inupiaq Dictionaries

Inupiaq Listening and Video Resources

  • YouTube - Some YT videos in Inupiaq

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