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Umbundu - is a Bantu language spoken in Angola by about 6 million people, particularly in the central highlands and the western coastal region, as well as in the cities of Benguela, Lobito, Luanda and Lubango. It is also known as South Mbundu. Umbundu speakers are known as Ovimbundu, and they call their language Úmbúndú.

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Native speakers: 9.5 million

Official language in: Angola

Umbundu Grammar and Pronunciation

  • - language, alphabet and pronunciation
  • - “Observations upon the grammatical structure and use of the Umbundu or the language of the inhabitants of Bailundu and Bihe, and other countries of West Central Africa”
  • - “A grammatical description of the Umbundu language of Angola, Africa, a Bantu language spoken by a few million people and related to Swahili, Zulu, Kimbundu, Shona, Lingala, Ndebele and other Bantu languages of the Niger-Congo language family.” - a video
  • - “A Sketch of Umbundu” - PDF

Umbundu Reading Materials

  • - “Vocabulary of The Umbundu Language, Prepared by W.H. Sanders and Other Missionaries of the A.B.C.F.M” - PDF
  • - “Learn and study the Umbundu vocabulary, starting from beginner levels such as learning the Umbundu way of greeting people, popular words, basic conversational phrases, and writing/reading Umbundu characters, to advanced levels such as fluent conversational skills, learning different word combinations, sentence structures, word forms, and learning how to adapt to the native words used by the locals, and many more all from our list of top verified Umbundu tutors by booking lessons with them.” - Learn Umbundu Vocabulary
  • - Useful phrases in Umbundu
  • - Learn Umbundu Phrases, Greetings, Important Verbs, Question Words and many more!

Umbundu Dictionaries

Umbundu Listening and Video Resources


TV / Video / Movies

  • - "Umbundu Bible" - Podcast
  • - Audio recordings available in Umbundu - "These recordings are designed for evangelism and basic Bible teaching to bring the gospel message to people who are not literate or are from oral cultures, particularly unreached people groups."




  • - - Umbundu Radio Station


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