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The Warlpiri - is spoken by about 3,000 of the Warlpiri people in Australia's Northern Territory. It is one of the Ngarrkic languages of the large Pama–Nyungan family and is one of the largest Aboriginal languages in Australia in terms of number of speakers. 

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Region: Northern Territory, Australia

Native speakers: 2, 304 (2016 census)

Warlpiri Grammar and Pronunciation

Warlpiri Reading Materials

Warlpiri Dictionaries

Warlpiri Listening and Video Resources


TV / Video / Movies

  • YouTube - Australian Aboriginal Languages: Warlpiri PART 1 - “General introduction to Australian Aboriginal languages with a focus on the beautiful Warlpiri language. Includes a brief intro to the phonology and some grammar. “
  • YouTube - Warlpiri Grammar PART 2 - “More about ergativity in Warlpiri and how to put simple sentences together. Some info on common suffixes.”
  • YouTube - Introduction to Warlpiri: An Indigenous Language from Australia’s NT - Brian Loo Soon Hua | PG 2018
  • https://www.scribd.com/ - A Learners Guide To Warlpiri Tape Course For Beginners - With Audio


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